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In high aspiration to bring light to lives, over shadowed by disability, Focus Forth - India - Sahajeevan emerged out in 1999. Rendering training along with ample care to bring them and their families up with the contemporary social standards was its prime concern.

9th August 2000 marked the formal beginning of Sahajeevan, though the services were endow with to the Mentally Handicapped Children and their families in the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram District even earlier.

Our activities are being supported only by the benevolence of kind-hearted well-wishers. Still this organisation could gain the cheer of successfully conducting The District Level Special Olympic Meet and The State Level Special Olympic Meet for the Mentally Handicapped in 2000 and 2001 respectively.

In addition, as the recognition of our activities, our Founder President Shri Brahma Nayakam Mahadevan bagged the prestigious National Youth Award in 2000 instituted by The Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India for outstanding Voluntary Service.

This Centre, which started its working in a humble way, now avails the service of Special Educators, Teaching Assistants, Clinical Psychologist, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, Vocational Trainers, Yoga Trainer and Dance/Music Teachers Ayahs and Administration staffs, sufficiently to satisfy the requirement of holistic development of our children.

Even in the midst of these accomplishments though trivial, we still face the impediment of lack of material, proper infrastructure and money resources. This centre has been shifted five times to different rented buildings during the past thirteen years causing grave discomfort to our children as well as incurring huge financial commitments for the organization. Despite these hardships we are keeping ourselves duty-bound always.

Physical Training

The Physical Training & Yoga practice are meant to refresh the mind and body. Through these classes they are able to gain Physical Mobility, Concentration and Discipline.



By achieving the skills of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic essential for civilized life, they are making one more leap towards independent existence.



Training cum Production is successfully running in innovative vocational Fields like making of Dolls, Key Chains, Hair Band, Fancy Flowers, Art Works on Earthen Pots etc…